Thursday, January 7, 2010

The BIG Day!

Waiting to go downstairs and see if Santa was here...
B was first one up. He maybe 15, but he's still a kid, thank goodness!!
The boys received lots of wonderful gifts and had a great day.

B has taken a liking to flannel shirts...but then again who wouldn't, they are so comfy!
Tuck is happy with no shirt at all...

Dudley looking for wadded up wrapping paper to play with.

We had a wonderful and blessed Christmas.
It was a little different this year spending it without any family other than the five of us.
Mom was here the first year and Brent's parents were here last year.
Christmas Eve was cold and snowy. We went to Denny's for dinner (there are only like 3 choices of sit down restaurants here in our little town). With the blowing snow we didn't want to travel to far from home just for dinner. Back at home we opened our one present and got ready for Santa. Christmas day was spend playing games, cooking (we had steak and it was great) and putting up Christmas decorations. I know, we put them up way to early you are thinking. But the thing is, I had to work on Saturday and we were leaving on Sunday for Lubbock, then home on New Year's Even and then left again on Friday to get home on Sunday and go back to school on Monday! We all wanted to get it done so we didn't have to do it when we got back. Besides, we had the decorations up the week before Thanksgiving.
Okay, only one more post with our trip to Lubbock and New Year's Eve then I'll be all caught up and ready to get the New Year going!
C ya in a minute, K

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