Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Have your CAKE and Soccer too!

Made a yummy cake this weekend...Spice Cake. Dad & Renee are visiting in October, so I am trying out 3 different cakes. This is the first one. Brandan decided this one was THE cake! I told him there were two more, he didn't care, he liked this one. Tuck even wanted to take some to school yesterday. Needless to say it was a hit with all my boys! I got the recipe from Cherry Hill Cottage blog. It is on my side bar, sorry I didn't get the url to type into here. I think the recipe is also on the side of the Dunan Hines or Betty Crocker Spice Cake box.

Tuck had a game Monday night so I finally remembered my camera. This year we have a new coach AND new Uniform! He almost scored the first goal of the season for his team, but it bounced on the goal post. He still received the Game Award. We don't have it yet, but are anxiously awaiting it at tomorrow night's practice...

Hugs and have a great Wednesday and First day of October! Halloween decorations come out tonight...I'm sooooo ready!


Pam said...

Cake looks yummy! WTG Tuck!

cindy said...

That cakes does look good! Spice cake is perfect for this time of year! Your kids are adorable!