Sunday, October 12, 2008

ROE Fall Festival

After all the soccer games on Saturday, we (Brent, Tuck and I) walked over the the school for Tuck's Fall Festival. He played games, ate popcorn, jumped, and did the hayride with his friend Christian (who also came over today to play)!
Will post the other pics of what I have been doing all day tomorrow. I'm off to eat dinner with all the boys. Brent is cooking hamburgers. He took a vacation day today so I could stay home from baseball to get stuff done around here and he has been wanting to see this team play. Brandan played in Mesquite with the Redds (a team he is filling in for, played with them two weeks ago). Today wasn't a good day for him or his team.
Have a relaxing Sunday. Love you all

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Pam said...

I've seen you play bowling on Wii, you had to win at this!