Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Handsome Boy

What a great smile! It warms my heart and this is the smile I get every morning when I go into his room to get him up for school. I turn on his Backyardigan CD about 6:15 and then go in at 6:30 to smooch on him and rub his back to wake him up. I love this morning routine and will miss it when he eventually gets up on his own like his big brothers.

This is his 1st Grade School Picture (he didn't wear his glasses because they were so crooked and his new ones weren't in yet).



(ps. to family...don't expect pics from the two big ones...B didn't tell me until we were walking out the door and I couldn't find a checkbook and Keyto just didn't turn in his money because evidently they never asked for it...hmmmm


cindy said...

He's a cutie pie!


Chick-a-dilly said...

Thank you Cindy! I was just thinking of you today!

Pam said...

Handsome boy!!and such a sweetie. Too bad about the pics, I need some new ones ( hint)