Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Baseball

Brandan was asked to fill in on another baseball team today. The coach played baseball in College and then also for the Boston Red Sox minor league. Really great guy and great with the kids. He was also pretty awesome and let Brandan catch. It was nice to come across a real coach who isn't close minded on the "lefty-catcher" issue! The kids ranged in age from 14 to 17. They are either freshman or on the Jr. Varsity at their schools. They played a double header against this team and won both games.

I think I need to do a scrapbook page on all the different uniforms Brandan has worn since he has been down here!

As you can see all the boys are doing great and have had a great week! I will post pics of our outing on Sat. later. I wanted to go ahead and get all these up.


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Pam said...

You should do an entire album of all the uniforms he has worn in a year! Great job Brandan!