Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Boys of Summer Part I

Keyto Wii bowling
We are having a great summer, pretty much just being lazy and doing what we enjoy.

We haven't done any camps this summer (so far), nor did Brandan go to summer school (to lighten his course load) as originally planned. I guess that is for the best though, due to the baseball tournaments that have started on Thursday and Friday during the daytime.
He is going to the school several days a week to work out and get ready for baseball in the fall.

So, I have taken some pics of the boys the last couple of days doing what they consider perfect summer activities!

Tuck and Brando are fighting over their favorite fruit in the pic above.
They will eat a half a watermelon a day. Probably a whole one if I cut the whole thing at once.
If I don't eat it when I am cutting it...I don't get any!
Brando balancing the remote on his head while waiting for the PS3 to set up!
Has he got some TALENT or what?

Okay, this isn't his idea of fun and he specifically told me not to take a picture and actually ducked the first one!
So I got sneaky and was sitting there talking to him and took it without him knowing.

Keyto in his room playing the PS2

Tuck chillin on the couch playing his PSP.

You can see that the majority of their time each day is with a visual electronic device of some kind...tv, playstation, wii, psp, etc.

Therefore, I devised a "No Visual Electronic Devise Time" each day for two hours. You would think the world was ending. I give them all kinds of ideas on how to spend that two hours...vacum, dust, clean out drawers/closets, read, color, puzzles, but it is still just devastating!

Yesterday they went out and played with Wally and slip and slided. I will have those pics tomorrow! I am off to do some job searches, work on some projects and clean a bathroom!

I will be posting Paper Cowgirl Pics in between pics of the boys!
Hugs and have a super day!

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Pam said...

Oh man, how horrible 2 entire hours without any electronic device:) Bet they live through it!
Here I am the only one that loves watermelon,I don't have to share!