Wednesday, June 10, 2009


After school on Friday, Tuck, Brando and I headed out of town to Ruston Louisiana for a baseball tournament. None of us had ever been to Louisiana so we were quite excited (I was also nervous since I had never driven any further east than Canton)!
We did fine except for about 45 minutes of delay outside of Shreveport due to construction. The above picture is at the Ruston High School field.

The weather was actually pretty nice. We expected it to be hot and muggy beyond comfort, but there was a nice breeze and the first games on Saturday and Sunday were at 9:00 am.

Tuck chillin'

Our 2nd game on Saturday was at the Louisiana Tech University field!
It was awesome, the above picture of Tuck chillin' is in the stands which were covered and had stadium style seating. The bottom picture is Brando walking to the dug out. The fields were worked to perfection in between each game by staff of the LA Tech Baseball staff or team, not sure which. It was total style! I am so glad Brandan was able to experience this trip.

Warming up before batting

We were back at the high school field for Sunday's games.
The boys weren't liking the outdoor smell on Sunday. I guess from the humidity and areas of stagnant water, there is a smell to the air on certain days. We were excited to talk or actually greet a real Louisian at the hotel Sunday morning. I said "Good Morning" to an employee of the hotel and he said "Moonin" (i really don't know how to spell it, but Tuck can do a super impression)! Tuck turned to me after the guy had walked off and said "did you hear what he said?...he said "monin". I thought it was really cute that he caught the accent. Brando was disappointed he didn't get to hear it. He was very into the whole Louisiana culture, food and atmosphere. Ruston was a great little old college town. We ate lunch in their old downtown on Saturday at a Cajun restaurant called Ponchatoulas. It was really tasty!

The boys played very well. They won 3 of 4 games and tied for 1st place!
It was a great trip. Our next out of town tournament will be in San Antonio in July.
Talk about HOT and MUGGY!!
Have a super Thursday
Hugs, K

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Pam said...

No alligators?? a great experience for all of you! Did you eat crawfish and sausage.