Thursday, June 4, 2009

Friday-Saturday Part II

We started off our busy weekend watching this young lady graduate from High School!!
I can't believe my little niece is all grown up and going to college.
She was a newborn baby when I first met my husband.
She is a beautiful, smart and very creative young lady.
I know she will go far out in the adult long as she can keep up with her car keys!!
Noooo just kidding!! She is going to succeed in anything she does:)
We love you Teysha Bean
(I almost yelled that when she walked back to her seat at graduation)
This is the whole clan, Papa Bear, Nana Bear, Brandan, Brent, Keyto, Teysha, me and Tucker.
We are all smiling 'cause our tummies were full of yummy food from MiMi's Cafe.
Congrats to all the Graduates and their Parents and Grandparents out in the blog world

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