Sunday, May 3, 2009


YummEEE! Chocolate Cupcakes made from SCRATCH!! Icing and everything!!
Whoo HOO!

He invited 5 of his closest friends and 4 were able to make the party! They had a great time. We had cupcakes and gifts first...

Then it was off to Alley Cats/PuttPutt. This is a really cool place similar to Main Event, only better (at least I think so). It has the prettiest PuttPutt courses I have ever seen. I'm not sure how many golf balls they hit outside the fence...I try hard not to ask or even notice what could possibly going on (I was on a different course with Brent and Tuck).

Birthday Boy!

Keyto and J playing a very gory (lots of bugs) Jungle game.
There was also a very competitive game of Laser Tag...big FAVE of all the boys.
Now, this ride/game is awesome. You just pick the course (rollercoaster, mine train, airplane, race track, etc.) and hold on for a good ride! We all took turns and rode it several times.
All in all, it was a GOOOOD TIME by all! The boys are great and I am so grateful Keyton has met and joined in with such a super group of boys (great parents too).

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