Wednesday, May 27, 2009

B's Baseball Banquet

Last night was Brandan's High School baseball banquet. It was great. I was soooo proud of him. He received the Best Defensive Player Award for Center Field! All the awards were voted on by the boys. The cutie on Brandan's left is Ridge and he received the Freshman Pitching Award. His big brother is a Jr. on the Varsity and received a District Pitching Award. That is Riley on B's right. He is a sweetheart and has the best personality!

This is the Freshman Coach...Coach T. Wallis. He is only 24 and this was his first year coaching.
I think he AND the boys learned a lot about High School ball!

I told them to just ignore me and as you can see they did a great job of it, especially Brandan. The boys all looked so handsome. A Mexican food restaurant in town catered a Fajita Buffet that was very good. The decorations were great! There was also a huge cake. I can't wait to be a part of all the planning next year. The parents are all really nice (I don't know many of the Varsity and none of the JV). It is good to go somewhere and know people now. High School baseball has been way different than we all expected, but I think we are finding out niche now.

He was giving me a hard time about being soooo much taller than me.
I didn't realize it was this much until I saw this picture!
Proud Daddy! Wont' be long before B catches up with his Dad on height!
WE are sooo proud of you Brando!
Keyto and Tuck were with the neighbors. Keyto had his last outdoor soccer game to makeup. He said they tied the other team, which is a good note to end their season.
Have a happy week! I only have today and tomorrow at work before we close. Friday is Tuck's Field Day at school so I will miss the last day the store is open. Probably best!
Hugs, K

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