Monday, May 11, 2009


The 1st grade at Tuck's school put on an adorable play last Thursday. It was the best show I have seen them do at the school. They have been working on it for about two months. The title was E-I-E-I-OOPs! Tuck didn't want a speaking part, so he got to square dance. They did a great job and didn't miss a beat!

The props were free hand painted by a volunteer at the school. It was adorable.

The kids with speaking parts dressed up at Old MacDonald, his wife, chickens, cows, pigs, dogs. The parents did a great job with all the costumes.

The kids knew all the words very well. They sang loud and clear. The school's music/art teacher is very special. She has a kind heart and is very soft spoken. The kids all love her. She puts her heart and soul into her job.
Tuck was very proud of their show. I think next time he may take a speaking part!
Have a great week.

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