Monday, May 11, 2009

Best Mother's Day EHVAH!

I had the best Mother's Day!
Brent and the boys did so much and put forth so much effort to make me feel special and appreciated. It all started Saturday when they washed, vacumed and detailed my car! They worked really hard because it was SUPER clean! Then they made me brownies. Not only were they DEElicious, but the entertainment provided while mixing them was priceless!

Notice the two in the background making sure B gets it right
Keyto is a super duper egg cracker! My Granny would be sooo proud
The TV is providing a slight distraction for Brent
Intense concentration is a must
Into the oven they go. We weren't allowed to eat any until Sunday AFTER my Steak Dinner they fixed for me AFTER being at the baseball field from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm! I can't imagine spending Mother's Day and not being on a baseball or soccer field.
Tucker made me a card, picture frame with his picture in it and a coupon book. I will show pics of those and tell you what he said in the card in another post.
Have a great Wednesday.

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