Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sports Update

This last weekend we played a total of 10 Games!! Here's a quick run down on the who, where, when and most importantly...WHY!!
9:30 Indoor Soccer Mansflied Keyton Won
10:30 Basketball RO Tucker Won
11:00 Basketball RO Keyton Won
12:00 Baseball RO Brando Won
2:00 Outdoor Soccer Dallas* Keyto Lost Asked to play in 6 on 6 tourn. great practice!
4:00 Outdoor Soccer Dallas Keyto Tie
5:00 Outdoor Soccer Dallas Keyton Won
7:00 Birthday Party RO Keyton Had a blast! Quite the little social-lite.
1:00 Outdoor Soccer Dallas Keyton Won
3:00 Outdoor Soccer Dallas Keyton Won
5:00 Outdoor Soccer Dallas Keyton Championship Game!! Lost to team we lost to first on Saturday, but was asked to come back to play in another tournament for Cinco De Mayo!
By 6:00 on Sunday I am pooped! I felt like I didn't even get a weekend, but you know what?? It was all worth it! Keyton told me on Saturday morning it was the Best Saturday! He loves to go and go and go... All in all, a very successful weekend!
Oh, and yes, those first couple of pictures are of Keyton playing GOALIE!! He did great. So proud of that DUDE!
Tuesday Brandan traveled to Irving to play the Junior Varsity in baseball. His first at bat went to right field, he then proceeded to steal 2nd, 3rd, and home!! He pitched and had 6 strikeouts and 1 walk. the other pitchers and players did awesome. I wasn't there, so I don't know all their names. Actually, even if I was there, I am still trying to figure out who they all are!
They beat the other team 9-1. The JV of that school consisted mainly of Sophomores and Juniors with only a couple of Freshmen. I think Red Oak has some great talent on our Freshman team. Unfortunately our JV team was beat by the same team. I am going to think positive for our JV team that they will succeed in all their games. I know it must have been hard to have the Freshman team win against a team that they lost too.
Soooo...that's your weekend update! Have a great Wednesday. I have more pics to come of our weekend at the field.

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