Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine Necklace

Just wanted to show some bling since it is Valentines and all. I bought all the pieces and chain for this necklace at random booths when Trista and I went to the Dallas Market a few weeks ago. I put it together when I got home (which was a pain by the way getting all the charms to face the same direction!). There is a nude little cupid and a charms that says love struck. The others are all bling. I have gotten lots of complements and really love it.

I took a soldering class before we moved, but unfortunately was packing and in turmoil so I never had the chance to purchase the supplies and get started. There is going to be a class at our local scrapbook store so I am going to take it. I love all the soldered charms and other things you can do.

Hope you like my V-day bling!


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cindy said...'s amazing! Love what you put together!