Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A New School Year has begun...

We are officially "back to school"!
The boys are doing great and seem to be happy with their teachers and schedules. We had to tweak Keyto's a little, but he is good now.
A couple of changes this school year...Keyto is doing cross country and Brandan will be driving once he gets his license on Thursday! So hard to believe he is going to be 16! Where has the time gone? This is the first year that I didn't take B to school (he went with a buddy) and also the first year that I wasn't able to pick them up from the first day. Brent was there for them so that is cool! I missed all the chatter that goes on when they first get in the car. By the time I saw them at 6:30 it was like no big deal :(
I did get to go have lunch today with Tucker for the first time this year and loved it. I enjoy seeing all his friends and all my friends that I have subbed in their classroom.
Needless to say there were lots of hugs!

Tucker has a very good teacher and several close friends in his class this year.

Lockers are outside the classroom this year and he wasn't too happy about it!
He was concerned that someone would get in his locker.
I guess all the talk about theft at the Jr. High and High School has sunk in with him!

Today has been a great day.
It is my first one off since school started so I have gotten some cleaning done and it's been rainy.
Hopefully with the kids in school I can get back to my routines with
cleaning, blogging and crafting!
Have a super duper day!
Hugs, K

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