Thursday, October 14, 2010

Storybook Characters on Parade

Last Friday was dress up day at Tuck's school.
They are to dress up as their favorite storybook character and I try to let Tuck think about this and pick his character without my help or opinions. I think it is important for him to pick out an actual character from one of his books and not just do a typical Halloween costume.
Sooo, this year he picked a new Hardy Boys book...The Missing Mit!
Doesn't he look cute???

All the kids in costume parade through out and around the school.
Unless you are a cute little butterfly and get sidetracked by the kids parading next to you!
Never fear, Tuck (and his fellow cohorts) will show you the way!

Hugs, K

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Pam said...

Loved the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew! Great choice Tuck! Love the "costume"