Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cross Country

Keyton is in Cross Country this year, which is something very new for us!
I went to his 2nd meet and it was really quite exciting!
I thought we would see them start and then again at the finish, but we were actually able to see them through most of the race.

He is nearing the final stretch here...

The finish line is right in front of him. He is on the final stretch...
Notice the determination as he starts sprinting

Finish Line!
Way to go Keyto.
2 miles!

They eat nothing but granola bars and fruit before the run,
so pizza afterwards sure hit the spot!
They have a great coach (it's his first year and he is also the Asst. Softball Coach).
I'm really proud of Keyton for trying Cross Country and staying with it.
He has been fighting shin splints since day 1 and hasn't given up.
Way to go Keyto!
Hugs, K

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