Sunday, September 6, 2009

Makes me HAPPY

Last week end we bought one of those (above) so that we could see one of these:
Aren't they awesome?!?!
If I am lucky enough to be standing at the kitchen sink when they fly up, I can see their little feet holding onto to the lip of the feeder.
I guess when your wings are going at warp speed, you have to hold on to something while you get a drink!
We tried and tried in Lubbock to attract hummingbirds but never with any luck.
I didn't know if it was my water recipe or the dogs or the atmosphere...
But, the other day Brent was certain he had seen one in our yard, so off to Lowes we went for a feeder. They make boxes of powdered mix (like koolaide) that you can now buy to feed them.
I don't know how many we have, but we have certainly been enjoying them.
Have a happy and restful Labor Day weekend!
Hugs, K

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