Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Teachers R AWESOME!

Thank goodness for teachers!! I am always very appreciative of the boy's teachers. It just takes a special person to teach, love, listen, referee, be patient, and most importantly exhibit genuine compassion all day everyday! I made these little candy jars for Tucker's kindergarten, 1st grade and current teachers last week just to let them know they were and still are appreciated and also because I know how important chocolate is in stressful situations. :) Little did I know how stressful!!
I have been blessed this week in that I finally have been able to substitute, and 2 of those days have been at Tuck's school with KINDERGARTNERS!! Ohhh, there are no words to express those two days. Most importantly...more unending appreciation for teachers! I also learned that even though teachers give 200%, their reward is that little smile, hug, or light bulb moment when the student catches on to what is being taught. My two days were challenging and exhausting, but the little moments of joy, love and understanding were priceless! I probably learned more in those two days from the kids than they learned from me! Now, if I could just conquer my fear of 8th grade and above I will be ready to conquer anything!!
Have a super day!

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Pam said...

Congrats on your survival of 2 days of kindergarten.