Sunday, April 26, 2009

Heaven on Earth #2

This is my heaven on earth. Acres and acres of beautiful flowers...wandering from flowerbed to flowerbed. I feel joy, excitement, bliss, and a peace that no other place, but home gives me. A couple of months ago I posted Brando's heaven on earth...the new baseball field. That is his favorite place, where he is himself, his bliss. It doesn't matter if it is the buckets of flowers at the grocery store, the local hardware store, the intimate nursery on the road home, or my small flowerbed (our old house had lots and lots of flowerbeds), the flowers bring me happiness and a feeling that all is right in my world no matter the challenges.
This is at the arboreteum that we went to for Tuck's school field trip. The morning was a little misty at first, but eventually the sun came out...for a bit. Then around lunch time it turned cold and cloudy, but it didn't darken our spirits we had a great time.
I was "in charge" of my little rugrat plus one boy and two little girls. They were great and we had lots of fun.
This is part of the Texas history display they have. We got to stand inside the teepee and sit in the covered wagon. There were also a bunch of cabins and historical buildings.
TULIPS! Many, many tulips in all colors, shapes and sizes. Bed and beds of them. It was FABULOUS. I am anxious to go back and see what they have planted in place of the tulips. There were a lot of flowerbeds that had volunteers and paid workers already replacing what I think were probably pansies and daffodils that were dying off from winter and early spring.This is White Rock Lake. Just beautiful...
A very cool structure that the kids enjoyed playing on.
Gotta have a pirate ship.
Azalea bushes in bloom everywhere. Tuck loved this place just as much as I did. He really got into all the activities they did. I don't know if you remember, but he used to take a lawnmover with him EVERYWHERE. Maybe, just maybe, he will be a Landscape Designer! Remember the bluebonnets he planted? Looks like a few of the seeds took and we may have some late bloomers!

We were supposed to be looking for pollen on flowers that bees were spreading, but got intrigued with a bug or TWO.
I am looking foward to a trip back, actually, I would like to go back with the family, by myself (so I can actually read the labels and info.), take family/friends from home, go with the girls...I could just live there I think. Sooooo, if you come to visit me anytime soon this may be on the agenda!!

PS. I am really sorry for all the exclamation points, but I just get so excited I can't not put them in...

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Cheryl Carey Bass said...

Hi, Kerri! I found your blog via the Paper Cowgirl Yahoo group. You have so many wonderful things to say. It looks like the field trip to the Dallas Arboretum was a success. I always have such a lovely time there! How can one not be happy amidst all that beauty?! I am excited for PC in June and can't wait to meet everyone! We also must have similar taste...I noticed the blogs you show that inspire you. They are some of my favorites, as well!