Thursday, April 9, 2009

First Pitch, First Run

What a night Thursday for our family!! Tucker was honored by his principal and teacher by being selected as a First Pitch Kid in our school district (only TWO kids per SCHOOL are chosen). The program is sponsored by the head Varsity Baseball Coach and our School Chief of Police (a great guy)! The kids are picked based on how they are in and out of the classroom. We are so proud of him!

That is a Varsity jersey on Brando! This is also the night Brandan RAN and SCORED for the Varsity...2 times!!!! He didn't hit, but ran for the hitter and did awesome. The score of the game was 11-1 us. Very cool. Brando has been at the Varsity games on the bench, but hadn't played until tonight. I am so grateful it happened tonight, because I won't be able to be at the game on Tuesday (too far away on a school night for the little ones). I would just die if I didn't get to see him play his first game. But YES! I did and am sooooo proud.
Here is Tuck in the Dug-Out pre-game meeting some of the Varsity players and the Chief of School Police.
Here he is meeting Coach Autrey (head coach)
My pics got a little out of order, so this is him following through on his pitch. He threw it all the way to the dirt! Brando was so proud. We practiced for several days to get back in the motion. Brando was a little concerned and vocalized that if it bounced in the green he might be laughed at. No pressure there!!
I believe here, he is verifying to Coach that he new the correct direction in which to throw the ball!
Tuck received a nice certificate and a baseball signed by all the players.
It was really cool after he received the certificate and baseball, all the players lined up to shake his hand, even his big BRO is at the end of the line. So cool!
Keyto is such a great Big Brother. Very supportive of his brothers. And very cute I might add.
This is his first time to run. We played West Mesquite. You can see the haze in the background caused by the wild fires. It was giving me a headache and I rarely get headaches.
Darn that kid's elbow!! This is when he scored the first time. Whoo HOO!
This is his 2nd time to run and is on 3rd base getting a few pointers from Coach!
What a night. I am just the most blessed MOM in the world! I am so grateful that all my boys are doing so well in their school, sports and social life.
Have a blessed weekend.

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