Tuesday, November 11, 2008


our family, friends and all the other Brave Americans who have served our country: my grandfather, Jack Yates, served in WWII; Brent's grandfather, Howard Stroud, who also served in WWII; Brent's SDad, Richard Sivage, who served in Vietnam; my uncle, George Sanders, who served in Vietnam; and Jesse Rodriguez, one of Brent's good friends, who served in Desert Storm and in Iraq (twice).

Today at Tuck's school they had their annual Veteran's Day program. This is something they do every year to honor the Veterans. All 650 kids + Parents are in the Cafeteria! It is an amazing and awesome program. Some of the songs they sang were "Star Spangled Banner", "Armed Services Medley" (all service members were to stand when their branch was played), "Marine's Hymn", "Old Navy", "O Flag of our Union" (1st grade), "I Love My Country" (1st grade), "God Bless the USA" (all). There were many more songs, musical instruments, and poems read. We also received a new flag- POW/MIA (black one on the left) that was donated to the school by the DFW National Cemetary and Staff. TAPS was played while this flag was being presented.

The ceremony ended with the "March to the Flagpole". All the students walked in single file out the cafeteria around to the front of the building and dropped their loose change into a silver bucket. This money is donated to a Veteran's Organization. Some students from the High school were there playing the trumpet and stare drums.
I couldn't help thinking about our service men and women and what they were doing right at that moment. Where were they? Who were they talking to? Were they in battle? Were they scared? Did they feel appreciated and loved? I hope that they can feel the love we send them by prayers, care packages, notes, emails...
I also think about the Moms, spouses and children of these brave Americans. I hope that they also feel our respect and love.

I hope all of you have had a day of peace and joy.
God Bless,

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