Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Night

Halloween night was lots of fun. We took Tuck to the Town festival where there was games, candy and a Haunted Egg Hunt. We got oodles and oodles of candy. When the festival was over some of the volunteers still had candy in their bowls so one nice man poured all of his into Tuck's bag. Needless to say Trick or Treating was very unnecessary at that point, but home we went to let Tuck T or T in our neighborhood. As we turned the corner we notice our porch lights blinking on and off...B and K were trying to turn our porch into a haunted house. Wouldn't you want to Trick or Treat with Keyto in the front yard? They definately had a good time passing out candy!

Brando went to the Red Oak High School football game with some buddies. Luckily they won and guess what after winning a whopping 3 games we are going to the playoffs. Strange how you can win only 3 games in a season and still go to the playoffs! Must be a small district...

The rest of us went to a new Mexican Food restaurant here in town. We were famished and that is what eventually stalled Tucks Trick or Treating. He was hungry. It was really good, so when any of you come for a visit, we will take you there. I've learned to try these places out first, you just never know!

Well, I've gotta get to work, but I have lots more to post from the last couple of days, so will try to get some more on here tonight.

Have a Terrific Tuesday


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