Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Busy, Busy

So sorry for not posting lately. It has been so crazy around here. School and sports are back in full swing and with Brent working this new shift, it is all up to me!

Hurricane Ike made a little visit here on Saturday, but not strong enough to scare us away from the mall! It turned out that we were on the outer edge of it, instead of closer to the middle like the weather guys originally thought. I guess on Friday they were telling everyone we were really gonna get it though. When I went to do my weekly Walmart shopping after work on Friday the shelves were empty! Crazy around here how they react to storms and such.

Anyway, Brandan still had all his bday money and gift cards, because there really isn't anywhere around here to really shop unless you have a free afternoon. Since games were canceled and it was so wet, we headed to Arlington to the mall. I also got my haircut here before we left! We had a great time shopping. Brent was working.

So, on Sunday, Keyto had his last indoor game so I took him to that while Brando and Tuck stayed home and relaxed. Brent was working. Then I took Keyto to CH to pick up his new glasses at Eyemasters. They didn't open until 12:00 so we shopped around until then. Tuck will get his new glasses sometime this week. They both got great check ups and their eyes are healthy!

Then home to what I thought would be a relaxed Sunday at home, do a little cleaning, fix a good dinner, finish a sign i'm working on...but no, get a call Brando has baseball practice and Brent won't be home in time to take him. Should only be about an hour practice (yeah right!)...get home about 6:00. Luckily Brent fixed spaghetti when he got home so dinner was served!

Monday night - Tuck's first outdoor soccer game...lost to a huge team from DeSoto (very rough), we are playing 6, 7, & 8 year olds! They don't have enough kids in these small towns to do a team per age, so they combine. I swear one girl was as big as Keyto and 50 lbs. heavier!

Tuesday - Keyto's first outdoor soccer game in Waxahachie (WON 7-1), Brando goes to baseball game with friend, luckily Tuck has no soccer practice

Wednesday - Brando baseball practice

Thursday - Tuck soccer practice

Friday - Frito annual party at Six Flags - looking foward to this!!

Saturday - two soccer games and start a baseball tournament

Sunday - hopefully win a baseball tournament

So that's my week! I will try to post some pics tonight of the boys and what they have been up to.

Love you all and have a great day!

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