Sunday, September 21, 2008

A few things

It's been a busy weekend, but with a little downtime too, so that is always nice. I have a few pics that I want to post.

I never posted of BAM's bday party with his friends. We fixed burgers and hot dogs and then Brent took all of them + Keyto to Main Event. I also made BAM's favortie: Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie for his cake. After the party, while waiting for parents the boys decided to try boxing! I know one boy left immediately after giving another a black eye. Then Keyto and Tuck got in on the action.
Last weekend when we went to the mall, we were finally able to go to Build A Bear. This is Tuck's bear...Ronaldinho. That is the name you get when big brother tells little brother the name of ONE player and little brother says okay. I tried everyway I could to tell him there were lots of other players he could choose from, but oh no, we had to go with the first one Big Brother said. Anyway, he is cute and Tuck loves him. I call him Ronnie. Much easier than RONALDINHO.

Tuck began digging through his toy box last night, which probably hasn't been touched since we moved here...and look what he found! Too Cute!

Hugs to all! Love ya,

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Pam said...

Fun pictures!! LOL about the black eye, not funny, but can see the boy leaving in a hurry! Love Tucks bear!