Friday, March 11, 2011

Tucker is 9!!

It's hard to believe my "baby" is 9 years old today!
He is such an amazing soul.
I am a very blessed Momma!
He had his party last Saturday night and invited 6 friends over to spend the night, eat hot dogs, smores, cake, run around the backyard and go see the new movie RANGO.
From all the laughs and smiles I think the boys had a great time.

I'm not sure how Stanford became Tuck's favorite college, but it is.
He would love to go there someday.
He wanted his cake to be Stanford and luckily we have a very talented bakery just north of us.
I decorated the house in Stanford colors (looked a little like Christmas around here).
His surprise gift was this Stanford Soccer t-shirt.

One of his requested gifts was a new baseball bat.

All of his good buddies outside by the fire.
I think this was before Brent realized he hadn't taken the top off of the chimenea
and that is what all the smoke is about!

All lined up in the living room, supposedly ready to go to sleep,
but that actually didn't happen for about 3 more hours!

All 9 of us at the movies!!

And this is how big brothers "escape" little brothers and their friends!!

A great 9th birthday!
Keyto had his 2nd track meet yesterday where he ran a mile in 6:01 minutes and place 5th in a race with 25 runners!
I have pics of the first track meet where he ran the 800 that I'll post next.
Tomorrow B will be playing in their final tournament before district play begins.
Today he pitched a FULL game against a 5A team which they won 2-1.
He was the game winning run (due to an awesome hit by his good buddy).
Have an amazing weekend!
I am off tomorrow and looking forward to a nice weekend with my boys!
Hugs, K

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Pam said...

I love the cake!! Happy Birthday, Tucker, looks like it was a great celebration.
Congrats Keyton and Brandan!