Thursday, February 24, 2011

B plays at The Ballpark in Arlington!

What an amazing experience for the Red Oak Hawks!
Tuesday night we played Keller High School on the Texas Rangers field.
Brandan is on the bottom row, fourth on the left. The three boys beside him are coaches kids.
You can left click on all the pictures for a better view.
This first picture was taken by Steve Patterson of Moving Pictures, isn't it great??

Before the game, lots of pictures were taken and the boys got to bat in the
Ranger's cages down below.
Walking in from warming up before the game.
Does he look all grown up or what?
He rarely smiles while on the baseball field, but we know he is loving it!

This is where I teared up...
My son, on a professional field with his hand over his heart for the National Anthem.
The pride I felt was un-describable .

Time to play ball. Taking his position in center field.
There were FOUR Umpires for the game.

At bat...

On first base...

He had some amazing plays.
That boy is fast!!
The field is really huge, I mean when you go to a game you know it is big,
but when your kids are on it, it looks really big!

This one is my most favorite of all. He was called in to pitch in the 7th inning for the 3rd out.
He got it too.
I think he looks like Kevin Costner in For The Love Of The Game.
You can tell he is completely FOCUSED, shutting out everything.

I love this one too!

The end...we ended up losing 5-2 but boy the experience out weighed the loss.

They play a tournament in Waco this weekend and I am sooo glad I have Saturday off!
It is supposed to be 80 degrees!
Tuck has started his baseball practices and has two of his closest buddies on his team, and got a brand new pair of blue baseball cleats so he is ready to go.
Keyto has his first track meet this next week, so we are looking foward to his track season.
I'll try to update more often now that the activities are picking up and will have pics to share.
Hugs, K

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Pam said...

What a great memory and pictures!
Although watching him pitch today was pretty great too!