Friday, August 28, 2009

Sophomore, 7th, & 2nd

Keyton had to be at school for football at 6:15 on the FIRST day.
Needless to say we went to football for the first three days and have now gotten the heck outta there! We tried to warn him, but sometimes they have to see for themselves.
Keyton just is not a football kinda kid (actually none of mine are).
Tuck in his new shoes!
Their school is all uniforms, so they really look foward to wearing their new shoes.

and new backpack.
Tuck doesn't like all the bells and whistles of a traditional much trouble to unzip, unclip, etc. So, for the 2nd year he has ordered a soccer knap sack.
Last year it was Argentina, this year Mexico!
He has a very nice teacher, Mrs. Pack

And Brandan, what more do I need to say.
He is looking foward to Fall Baseball with the High School players.

I delivered cookies to Tuck's elementary for the office staff.
Chocolate chip and Oatmeal Scotties

All the boys had a great week.
I know it will be another successful year for all.
I found out last week that I will be subing for the school district, so I am looking foward to that.

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