Saturday, August 8, 2009

Happy Anniversary Babe...

Today is our
17th Anniversary
and Brent has been singing that song to me ALL DAY long!!
very cute though...
We were married 17 years ago, outside, at sunrise with the squirrels running around and birds singing in the background. It was a beautiful morning and the sun was shining bright.
My bouquet was made of Gerber Daisies in pink and yellow.
Our reception was a brunch that was topped off with wedding cake layers of
Strawberry (mine) and Italian Cream (his)!
Here we are 3 houses, 2 cities, 8 jobs (mostly me), 3 KIDS, 6 dogs, 6 cats, 5 vehicles, 7 schools, unlimited baseball teams, soccer teams, and basketball teams, 3 football teams (our kids least favorite sport to play), unlimited lessons learned, very few regrets, amazing family and friends along the way and ENDLESS wonderful MEMORIES later!
"Life is an amazing journey, not a destination"
(not sure who author is...)
Hope your day is full of happiness, hugs, and singing like mine!
Hugs, K
(our boys took the pic, pretty good job, huh? this is one of about 4 photos.
i need to crop, but this computer doesn't have photo shop)

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cindy said...

Awwwwwwww, Happy Anniversary Honey! And I WON'T sing it. LOL. Pretty cool to list all the houses, pets, cars etc...I've never thought about that...but cool. And for free cropping, check out Picnik. You will love it. I do all my junk there. We need to get together for lunch one day....