Thursday, June 26, 2008

Balloon Festival

Waxahachie had a Balloon Festival last weekend and since Brandan didn't play until 12:00 we decided to get up and go. Well...Tucker and Keyton both said the night before they would go, but when it came down to it Saturday morning at 6:00 Keyto decided NOT! Tucker was a trooper though and jumped right out of bed. I even tried enticing the other two with breakfast out at BUBBA's, but still no go!

We had a great time and really enjoyed watching them take off. There was about 30 balloons in all. The majority took off from a field just north of the airport where we were. There were 9 that took off from our location.

Tucker also enjoyed the old and new small airplanes. He loved the HUGE GIANT Lion slide. It was very cool.
Have a happy day...


Pam said...

Love the balloon pictures. I always love watching them take off!!

Annick said...

Good for people to know.