Wednesday, October 3, 2007

It's Wednesday

Today has been a nice day except that little Tuck has some kind of stomach flu I think. Yesterday I went to have lunch with him (pizza day). The little girl across the table ended up throwing hers up at the table. Well, I told Tuck not to look, but he did and ended up doing the same. I thought it was just from what he saw. NOpe...last night he did it again and has had a temp ever since. No more throwing up though. So, we have been home chillin all day. I have ribs in the oven which is another story. Up until last night Brent and I thought they were a brisquet. Boy did we feel dumb!!

I have done some cleaning today and got this little canvas done for the boys bathroom. I thought I would show you pics of the bathroom to give you an idea of the theme. I know my mil will be so proud of me for finishing this. I used the paper packet I got at Archivers this summer.
Well, it is a pretty slow week. Not a lot of practices. We are enjoying it 'cause this weekend will be crazy. Along with the already scheduled 2 soccer and 1 baseball game, Brando is also in a tournament with his other team.
I'm gonna go check on my ribs and stick some chicken on the grill. Have a nice evening!


Pam said...

how cute is this!! I am really proud of you getting the canvas done!! I can't wait to come see it in person! We may be there sometime next week! Hope Tuck is feeling better!!

Tina said...

Hey Kerri,
I just discovered a few long lost emails; yours about your blog being one of them. I'm sorry I didn't comment on your blog when we talked the other's because I didn't know about it. I love it! the boys' bathroom looks great and I love the canvas. I hope Tucker is better.
Miss you friend!