Sunday, September 23, 2007

Little sleepy today

We've had a very busy weekend. Yesterday Tuck had a soccer game at 9:00, Brandan had a baseball (Young Guns) game at 10:00 here in Red Oak, he had another game (Rip City Angels) at 2:00 in Grand Prairie, Keyto had a soccer game at 3:00 here in Red Oak, and Brando had another game (Rip City) at 6:00 in Grand Prairie. Whew! Then this morning Brando had another game (Rip City) at 8:00 a.m. (be there at 7:15)! Unfortunately they lost this morning so tournament is over for them.
There are two tournaments here that benefit children. The one this weekends benefits a boy who was a senior and had rec'd a full baseball scholarship. He was at his graduation party and dove into a pool with too shallow water. He is now a paraplegic (please excuse spelling). The benefits go toward his medical bills. The 2nd tournament we will play in is the first week of Oct. and benefits a little girl's family. She played softball. Her family went to the lake one weekend and played in the water. A day or two later she was very sick. She contracted some kind of bacteria from the water and went into a coma and later passed on. It is a blessing though that there are so many teams around here that they can hold these kinds of tournaments to benefit the youth and their families that we play with and against everyday.

On a lighter note, I am posting some pics of Tuck and Keyto at their soccer games. They are having fun and learning lots. They both have very knowledgeable coaches.
All is well here. Just staying busy with the boys. Brent took them (minus Tuck) to Red Oak's Homecoming Friday night. Since there are so many high schools back home they didn't really know what all the hype was about. But in a small town with only one high school everyone is talking about it. They had fun, but didn't stay the whole game 'cause we whooped the team we were playing!
I am so looking foward to Fall! It is supposed to cool off here a few degrees for the next few days. Our little Farmer's Market on the corner has Pumpkins this weekend. I may have to get a few for the front yard!
Well, gotta go supervise Brent. He is moving stuff from the garage to the new shed out back so I can park my car in there. The only problem is that he thinks everything needs to go and I have stuff out there that I need on a regular basis!!
Have a super Sunday afternoon!

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Pam said...

Sounds to me you need to find some activities for those boys!!! Love those pictures!!