Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pictures I promised

I want to share the a couple of the pictures from the Tara Sawyer tournament that Brandan played in last weekend. I have told a couple of you about it, but wanted to share more. The tournament is one I mentioned a little in a previous post. Tara Sawyer passed away about 6 years ago from a bacteria she got in a lake. She was a great softball/baseball player. You can read more about her on the website they have set up. Just type in Tara Sawyer baseball and it should pull right up. There is also a letter her brother wrote that is very touching. The tournament also gives away an award called the Barnabas Award (the website also explains this). It is name after Barnabas in the Bible. Well, Brandan's coach nominated him for this award. The pictures I have posted are from him receiving the award and then talking with Tara's parents. He also got to meet Jon Whettland who was the MVP in the World Series one year for the Yankees (one of Brando's fave teams). Brandan has only played in one other tournament and been practicing with this team for about 2 months! It is so amazing that they recognized these qualites in him (he has great coaches). Anyway, I was so proud and pretty much crying as I watched him speak to Tara's parents. As hard as this move has been, it really has given the boys some great opportunities they wouldn't have had back home.

Today has been a good day! I took Tuck to the Dentist to see what we would have to do to put the spacer back in his mouth that came out about 2 weeks ago. I have been stressing over this since it fell out. But, it worked out awesome. After we waited an hour for the Dentist to get there (stuck in traffic on I35), he said he could just put it back in right then and there and then...NO CHARGE! Can you believe it? I was so impressed! Thank You Monarch Dental!

I also took a job applic. to the City of Ovilla today. I really am praying that this is the one. It is part-time in the afternoons! My neighbor, Denise, is an angel. She has volunteered to keep Tuck about an hour after school until Keyto gets home on the bus. So keep me in your prayers.

I took my first That Cookie Chick order this week and had a successful delivery yesterday. That is another good thing about that job, I can do my cookie stuff (orders & delivery) in the mornings.
I have been having fun decorating for Halloween. I need to finish a white pumpkin I painted, then I'll post pics of my deco. Can't wait for Christmas!!
Hopefully will blog tomorrow, if not this weekend!
Enjoy your Friday

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Pam said...

What an Awesome memory BAM will have and how proud you must be of him! Can't wait to see those Halloween decos!!