Monday, August 2, 2010


I am going to spend the next couple of days blogging about what we have been doing all summer! It has flown by and I feel so bad that I haven't kept our family better updated!
The boys have been busy with camps, trips, eating, tournaments, sleeping, video gaming, eating, wrestling......
We are just now having a little bit of down time before school starts.
So hang on, cause I'm about to show you what we've been up to!!
The pics on today's post are of Brandan's trip to Arkansas to play in his first out of town tournament of the summer. This trip was the middle of June and he went with another Dad, his son and another teammate. We were very fortunate that when B was moved up to the older team, two of his high school teammates were also on the team.
There aren't any pics of B, because he was the one taking them :)

See you soon!

Hugs, K

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