Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Birthday Party!!

Saturday was Tucker's 8th Birthday Party!
He invited 4 buddies over for a "camp out" that included lots of hotdogs and smores.
We were going to sleep outside in the tent, but the forecast included rain and when they say 20% around here you can bet it will rain...of course the rain didn't start till 7:00 am Sunday, but they enjoyed the camping in the living room anyway.
His party had a CAMO theme.
Cake was chocolate!!

Chocolate Donuts with sprinkles for breakfast!

All lined up and ready for sleep (around midnight I believe).
I slept on the couch just to make sure nobody tried anything crazy
like midnight basketball or something...

His gifts were all Star Wars related, which he loved

Can't believe it's been almost 8 years

Crazy brothers!!!!
B is squatting down, but not Keyto. He is enjoying his new found height and being taller than at least two of us now. B is still taller than him, but probably not for long.

Love it!

Roasting wienies in the backyard.

Army fights and Keyto looking thrilled.
B was at a baseball game.


More pics to follow of his actual day and celebration at school and with family.
Miss all of you who are miles away, wish you were here.
We love you!
Hugs, K


Pam said...

Tucker! I cannot believe you are 8! It looks like a really fun party, and love the star wars masks.
Happy 8! We love ya!

Pam said...
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