Thursday, March 18, 2010

As Promised...

More Birthday pictures!
This is at El Chico's where there is endless Queso (that you don't have to share with your brothers) and we also surprised Tuck with a Brownie Supreme (since he had cake Sat. and cupcakes for lunch)! Luckily Tuck didn't catch on when the little "older" waiter we had told Brent that "they would be out with our surprise in a minute"! Really now, who did he think didn't hear that and where was the person that was being surprised??? We were all sitting at the table! It was crazy, but like I said Tuck was too happy to be paying attention to our waiter suffering from dementia! Never fear though he was very sweet and we left a decent tip!
Lots and lots of presents from family near and far!

I took Chik Fil A and cupcakes to Tuck for lunch.
I even put a little army guy on top of each one for the kids.
The whole cafeteria wanted one. I wish I had time to make that many!!
All in all Tuck had a wonderful 8th Birthday.
It is Spring Break so we are off to spend some of the money at the closest outdoor mall.
Lots of baseball going on this week. A game on Tuesday, which we won 17-0 against West Mesquite. A game tonight against Mabank and a double header on Saturday against I don't know who. I can't remember that far ahead! It is supposed to be cold, wet and windy on Saturday my most FAVE-O-RITE day of the year: The first day of SPRING!!
It's okay though, I will be working hard and havin fun at The Crafty Scrapper!
Hugs, K

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