Sunday, August 24, 2008

JFK & Spaghetti

Yesterday we had a great family day. We were finally able to take the boys to downtown Dallas. We have wanted to take them to Dealey Plaza for a year now. Keyton didn't have soccer until 5:00 and Brandan's scrimmage was put off until today, so off we went. It was great. B and K really got into the JFK Exhibit and didn't seem the least bit bored. Now, Tuck on the other hand, well it was a little over his head. He didn't have the head phones like we did, nor could he read all the exhibit info, so he was a little bored. The JFK exhibit is very interesting. Brent and I went there on our honeymoon 16 years ago and they have added many interesting elements to the exhibit. The 7th floor had movies that bystanders took of JFK's visit.

Keyto and I love history so we could spend a lot of time reading and re-reading the info. It brings up so many questions of, was there a conspiracy or was Oswald framed? My conclusion is that he did shoot, but that there was someone else in on it too.

It is also emotional for me to imagine Jacqueline and what she must have been going through in that car next to her husband. One of the bystanders videos shows a very graphic image of the fatal shot. I just can't even imagine. I cried several times during our visit. I know JFK has his issues, but he truly seemed to be a sincere President. It was stated once that the Secret Service would at times look around and have lost the President. He loved mingling with the crowds and would get so caught up in shaking hands and talking to them he would wander from his SS.

I took lots of pics of the Depository and Dealey Plaza ( it is very nice). I did miss getting a pic of the boys on the grassy knoll. I'm not sure what order these pics will post, but here is a description of the ones I took.
1) Street signs of where the motorcade went.
2) Window Oswald shot through.
3) There are two Xs on the street of the first shot and final shot.
4) Boys across the street from Depository
5) Museum down the street that was the Courthouse where Ruby shot Oswald.
6) Brent and boys with sky scrapers in background
7) JFK Memorial (very strange design)
8) Inside Spaghetti Warehouse, boys sitting on steps of caboose
9) Brent and I outside Spaghetti Warehouse where we ate on honeymoon
10) Boys by giant Dinosaur with cowboy boots at West End
I thought I had turned all the pics, so some are posted twice for better viewing!!
Well, I gotta got start getting my boys and their stuff ready for the First Day of School!! Very important year. Brandan's first day of High School and Keyto's first day of the end of what I consider elementary (even though 6th is intermediate here), next year he will be in Jr. High!! Yikes! My boys are growing up way to fast. I am off tomorrow so will post pics of first day after I get home.
Have a great day!

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Pam said...

Sounds like a fun day! I love the SW!