Thursday, April 10, 2008

We awoke this morning to

a TORNADO SIREN! I'm moving back home. Not once in my adulthood have I heard tornado sirens in Lubbock, but I've been here 8 months and this is probably the 4th time! It was 3:45 when the weather woke me up. Brent was just going to bed because he is leaving today at noon and is sleeping first (team trip). We turn on the TV to see a huge line of storms from the far North to the far South of the Dallas area. Brent is like Oh No! So we go downstairs and start unplugging stuff (we were struck by lighting once before since moving here ya know) and there is no satellite, so we try the laptop with no internet connection. Then TORNADO SIRENS start going off! So I go wake up all the boys and we pile them in the closet. Brent pulls out an old old black and white TV from the garage to try and get some weather. There is only fuzz on the channels but we can hear what they are saying. No Warnings. Get this. The only clear channel...Telemundo! Clear as can be! You can only imagine Brent's reaction to that! We put the kids back to bed and I get in about 30 minutes of sleep before the alarm!

I guess they went off because DeSoto has some pretty BAD damage and we aren't too far from them. I didn't see any pics on the news yet, but will hopefully tonight. Also, a co-worker told me that the roof was blown off a hotel in South Waxahachie. The winds were up to 90 miles an hour!

On the up side! I have noticed everything here gets greener a whole lot faster. I guess it is the rain. Everything is just so pretty and green!

Weather update!! Just heard the electricity is out at the Jr. High so they have been sitting in the hallway since 8:30 this morning. They have buses ready to take them to the High School gym so they can feed them lunch later...oh wait...lights may be coming on. Anyway, Brent just called and he is on the way to school to get BAM if the lights don't come back on. How miserable would that be to spend the day sitting in the floor of a gym doing nothing?

Well, better get back to work.
Have a happy spring day!

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Pam said...

Welcome to Central Texas. It is strange to hear the tornado warnings, plus the lightning sirens at the athletic fields. The up side is, now it is all green and smells so springy!!