Friday, April 4, 2008

My Boys ROCK!!

I just wanted to say that my boys are awesome, amazing, cool, smart...just THE BEST!

Brando and Keyto both received Commended scores on their TAKS reading tests! Brando only missed 3 and Keyto 1! They are doing so well here. I admire them so much and how they have gone through this huge change with such courage and self confidence. It is very inspiring what we can learn from our children.
Congratulations Boys, we are so so so PROUD of you both!

I will be posting some pics this weekend (hopefully) of my co-workers/friends and place employment. I don't think Mom and Dad will ever see it since they come up on Friday and I take that afternoon off.

Hopefully I get some pics posted of the front yard and all my flowers I am planting.
Tooodl-loo (does that sound right?)

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Pam said...

Go boys!! Keep up the great work! We are proud of you. Can't wait to see your flowers, I am planting some too!