Thursday, March 6, 2008

Rain, rain, and more rain

It is raining today, well since mid-morning and is supposed to turn into sleet later this evening. I don't know that we will get snow, but maybe it will freeze and school will be delayed. I could use an extra two hours at home in the morning! Keyto was supposed to have a band meeting tonight but it has been canceled, Tuck's soccer was canceled, so now waiting to see if Keyto's basketball practice is cancelled.

Brent is cooking the Angel Chicken recipe I got from my mil. So I am looking foward to a nice evening at home with warm food and a fire!

Have a nice evening and be safe!

1 comment:

psivage said...

I saw on tv that it was snowing,that is a surprise. It is cold here and raining but no snow!!
Love that chicken!!