Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy Birthday TuckerBear!

Tucker is 6 years old today! He is so excited to say he is 6!
I can't believe it! It just doesn't seem possible.
He is such a blessing and beautiful little soul.
Here are some pictures from his party on Saturday in our front yard. They had a really great time. We have made some really great friends since being here and I am so grateful for all the neighbors and friends that came by. Brent's parents got to come to either their first birthday party or second, not sure which. They moved before Brandan turned one.
I will be taking off 1/2 day today to take cupcakes to school and then Tuck chose Chickfila for dinner. Which is a good thing since BAM has a pitching lesson and practice tonight and Keyto may have basketball practice.
Enjoy the pics and leave Tuck a comment if you have time. I will read them to him tonight.
Have a beautiful day.
**Well, Tuck is home sick! He came home yesterday and slept for forever and felt warm so I gave him Motrin. Then he woke up around 3:00 am and I gave him more Mortrin. He got up this morning extremely sluggish but kept saying he felt okay and would go to school. He was really looking foward to the day with his friends and me taking off and coming up there to serve cupcakes and pick him up. When I went to brush his teeth he got kind of sick and was gagging and started shaking. He then looked up at me and said "can I stay home with you today"? So I guess that is the next best thing - a day home together. I did take the cupcakes to school and heard them tell him Happy Birthday over the announcments. I picked up his ribbon, pencil and sticker. All his classmates were so sad he wasn't there. Mrs. Prachyl is a doll though. She is going to save the cupcakes for their snack tomorrow so Tuck will be there. Hopefully my Birthday Boy will feel better in a little while.

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Pam said...

Happy Birthday Tucker! Sorry you are sick, feel better fast! It was a fun birthday and I am glad we got to share it with you!