Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Faves from 2012 - Part II

Brandan's first tuxedo! 
Jr. Sr. Prom

My boys and their dates before the Baseball Banquet!
Very cool having two players there...one finishing and one beginning.

Brothers for life and brothers in baseball!

Brandan's graduation!
Keyton and Makenzie were asked to participate in a Quincinera in August.
Keyton's first tuxedo!

Silly kids!  Love watching them play around and make each other smile :)

Moved Brandan into his dorm at FPC!

Our last moments before we leave B at school...

First day of Intermediate-5th grade

All by himself at the high school this year!
Big Sophomore!

Drum roll.....
Presenting the Sophomore Homecoming Prince and Princess!!
So proud!

Riding in the Homecoming Parade!

Fun times at Thanksgiving!
Surgery for B in Amarillo then to Lubbock to recuperate!

Proud to say he is recovering exceptionally well!
This is happiness!

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