Tuesday, June 1, 2010

2010 Baseball Banquet

I am a little late in posting these pictures, but I am too proud of Brandan not to!
He received the honor of being selected for All District Team 1.
Brandan has gotten really close to a couple of the seniors.
It was a lot of fun to see them all relaxing and having a good time.

Brandan and Samantha looking snazzy as usual.

Myself and several moms met that morning at Whataburger to get ready for decorating!
We had the best time. I have gotten to know some of the Moms really well this season and just love them so much and am so grateful to have finally found in them what I had in my baseball friends in Lubbock. One of the Moms has a senior who is her baby, but we have promised to keep in touch. The other Mom also has a Senior, but luckily her middle son is also Brandan's age so we are in these last two years together. :)
We had cupcakes with all the boys #'s.
B was 20 in case you didn't know!

I thought everything turned out really nice!
In the meantime, we have moved on to club baseball with his Arlington A's team.
Have you noticed how hot it is outside....
Hugs, K

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