Monday, May 3, 2010

Keyto's 13!

We celebrated Keyto's 13th Birthday with a Paintball Party!
Brent was evidently the target and was the only one with NO experience!
He was the first one shot (and numerous times)!
The above is the walk to the field.
Below is the walk out, don't they look mean and green!!!

It was a great day to be outside.
These pics are foggy looking due to the nets surrounding the battlefields.
Keyto is in the grey sweatshirt and that's his Rambo friend Shane who was fully equipped with his own gun and 4 canisters of paint around his waist! He's obviously not a novice.

And there's Brent! Unfortunately I didn't get the picture of him trying to crawl on his belly, which he later decided wasn't a very good idea!

What a Motley lookin crew!

It was a really great day!
After Paintball we took Keyto to Chilis and a couple of B's baseball buddies joined us.
Even Tuck had to get in on the action. He's decided he wants to have his party there next year!
Hugs, K

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Pam said...

What a fun Party for a group of 13 year old boys!!!