Sunday, October 18, 2009

He's not very smart

but we love him anyway! Silly Dog! With all the rain, he has been digging under the fence and getting out. One day, when Brent drove up in the driveway this is what he found...Wally...STUCK! Under the fence. Whining. Silly Dog! It was interesting to watch Brent and Brando get him back through :)

On another day, Brent drove up and Wally was just sitting on the front porch waiting for him. We have also walked out into the garage to find him sitting in his kennel. We keep the garage door open a little when we are home so Dudley can go in and out and get some air in there. That is also where we keep Wally's kennel for when it is cold or raining or he is just being a sissy and can con Brando into letting him in it even it it's just a little cool outside with NO rain.

You should see the set up Brent has got going along the east fence to keep him in! Everytime Wally escapes the set up gets more elaborate and complicated.
Sorry so long in posting. Can't believe it's been almost a month. I've been so busy and weekends have been kinda slow with all the rain. When we have downtime, I don't have many pictures, but then when we are busy with sports and activities I have pictures but no time to post them! I do have some great ones to post this week though so stay tuned!!
Have a super Monday! I will be subbing at Tuck's school with the 3 year olds! I had two classes (each day am and pm) of 22- 4 year olds on Thursday and Friday. It was too cute.

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Pam said...

Goofy dog! Bet he wished he knew how to unstick himself!!
Congrats on makng theteam of the CS! Carolyn had good things to say about you in Houston.. who knows next tinme you may be traveling with her to CHA an these events. Sound like a good fit for you and we know tht store is fun,